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Welcome To Douglas J. Abeles M.D. & Associates

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Sports & Spine Surgery in Castro Valley, CA

Douglas J. Abeles MD & Associates in Castro Valley, California, provides specialty services in sports medicine, spinal surgery, and general orthopaedics. Dr. Abeles has compiled a team of caregivers attuned to patient care, providing access to a multitude of specialties, including joint replacement, neurology, physical therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic care, all of which complement orthopaedic care.

The practice sees patients from age eight and up, anyone with an orthopaedic issue, such as sports and work injuries, as well as injuries sustained in automobile and other accidents. Dr. Abeles specializes in minimally invasive orthopaedic surgical techniques, repairing damage to shoulders, knees, spine, hips, and ankles.
Though he still performs conventional surgical techniques when these offer the best outcomes, Dr. Abeles prefers leading-edge techniques. Tiny incisions and minimal tissue impact assure the fastest recovery time for his patients.

Because many of his patients are physically active and are involved in physical labor and various sports activities, Dr. Abeles is aware of their need to return to previous performance levels, and he tailors his approach to meet this criterion whenever possible. His reputation brings in patients from throughout the United States, as well as internationally.

Shoulder Surgery

Given the complexity and range of motion in your shoulder, aches, pain, and stiffness occur commonly. However, with the greatest range of motion of any joint in the body, your shoulder is vulnerable to serious injuries that may not heal on their own.

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Sports Medicine

Dr. Douglas Abeles of Douglas J. Abeles MD & Associates in Castro Valley, California, specializes in sports medicine, a practice that not only treats the wear-and-tear that results from your physical activity, but also helps you achieve and maintain superior levels of performance.

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Knee Surgery

Knee injuries account for over 10 million doctor visits in the United States, making them among the most common reasons people see a doctor. Because it’s the largest joint in the body, it’s no surprise that the knee can experience a variety of issues.

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Joint Replacement

Still, the best results come from an experienced surgeon, making Dr. Douglas Abeles of Douglas J. Abeles MD & Associates in Castro Valley, California, your choice for exceptional joint replacement care.

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My staff and I look forward to taking care of you. Our goal is to ensure that all of your orthopedic needs are met.

We will gladly make an appointment in a timely fashion. Emergencies will be seen the same day.

” – Douglas J. Abeles M.D.

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Success Stories

What can I say about a doctor that spends time and actually listens. Dr Abeles is clearly one of the most caring and dedicated physicians I have ever met. He was able to distinguish a significant problem on my knee that another doctor just ignored. His staff is always attentive and warm and kind. Also, the surgery center was professional and very knowledgeable. I would recommend Dr Abeles to anyone that has a spine, sports or any other injury.

A Google Reviewer

I had a huge disc herniation that required last minute surgery and Dr. Abeles, although unable to perform it due to worker's comp complications, made sure I got the treatment I needed. He continued to check in with my husband during the surgery, and in the weeks after, even though I wasn't technically his patient. He just wanted to make sure I was ok. He truly cares & it shows in his work. Highly recommend.

Elspeth P.

Hurt my back badly on a Saturday. Was able to get an appointment online for Monday afternoon. Amazing. And Dr. Abeles was kind and helpful. Will continue under his care. Wonderful staff, too!

Patsi B.

Dr Abeles is seriously my favorite orthopedic surgeon in my life. I love how the clinic has other services on hand. The staff ALWAYS make my visits easy and effective!!

A Google Reviewer

Doctor Douglas J. Abeles M.D. ls a awesome doctor and his staff are awesome to. I always refers people to Dr. Abeles. Dr. Abeles care about his patients. Thank you Dr. Abeles for being my doctor.

Rhoda S.

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Sports & Spine Surgery in Castro Valley, CA

Douglas J. Abeles M.D.

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. Douglas Abeles specializes in Sports Medicine, Spine Surgery, and General Orthopaedics.

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